What is IMT?


IMT maneuvers the body in to positions that it instinctively knows, instead of using force or manipulation, that can put strain on the body. IMT is all gain, no strain.

By interrupting holding patterns, IMT allows the body to return to a more balanced state. Intuitively, it facilitates the body’s own wisdom of healing and self-correction.

IMT can simultaneously treat multiple layers of the individual, resulting in deep, long-lasting results, making it ideal for relieving aches, pains, and improving mobility.

Oh yeah, IMT is short for Integrative Meridian Therapy. While 'meridian' is in the name, this is not traditional Chinese medicine, nor is it energy work. IMT is a dynamic, physical, hands-on practice based on natural body alignments.


Who is it good for?



Because IMT activates the body's own self-repair mechanisms it can be beneficial for a broad spectrum of people. IMT is especially effective for anyone dealing with:

  • inflammation

  • limited range of motion

  • injuries (ie. shoulders, knees & hips)

  • chronic issues, in particular, those that haven’t responded to other treatments

It’s important to find the right treatment for your body and a practitioner you feel comfortable with. The difference in working with me is that worst case scenario, you come away feeling relaxed and get a good night’s sleep.


What makes IMT Different?

No strain.

The key difference is that IMT does not use strain or force. Instead, the most comfortable position that allows the body to unwind and organically find a more balanced state is used.

The body leads.

IMT takes into account all aspects while treating the individual. What may seem like separate issues are often interconnected. This is where listening to the body comes in. A deep listening and refined touch leads the session to interconnected areas, allowing for a deep unwinding to occur.

It's nurturing.

Session are relaxing and meditative. Gentle maneuvers allow the body to relax and move subtly. It may seem like very little is being done to you, yet all maneuvers are very thoughtfully and directly applied working in multiple body functions simultaneously. Once people drop into the changes in their body, there is typically a noticeable difference. People feel relaxed, light, and open.