What really excites me about this work is discovering what’s possible for people.

Seeing a client once and having them leave relaxed and content is great, but that’s not what drives me to share this practice. I enjoy working with people over consecutive sessions and seeing their issues continue to improve and/or resolve completely. The body has amazing regenerative abilities and I find that SO exciting!

Working continuously allows me to understand a person better, learn their body, and treat them with even greater effectiveness. I like to get to the root cause of what’s happening. I am very observant and inquisitive which makes me somewhat of a detective.

After four years of study and a 1,300 hour certification, I decided to move my practice to Boulder, making me the only IMT in Northern Colorado. In fact, only a few people are certified in IMT, as I studied from a small school in Colorado Springs (Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch). Learning at a small school gave me the opportunity to learn hands-on and with a lot of direct time with my instructor.

After working continuously together, your body can find a balanced pattern that lasts!

What people say about working with me:

“Heather is gifted. Plus, she connects with her clients in a holistic way. She is a joy to be around.” -Anthony

“Heather has a grounded and invigorating presence that is reflected in her work.” -Benjamin

“The sessions are super relaxing and her nurturing nature is soothing. She also gives great advice on how to keep your body happy. Heather’s passion and healing touch keeps me going back.” -Brant

“Heather is thoughtful, kind, and has keen intuition for where to focus her energies.” -Philip