IMT can yield surprising and lasting results.



“Sessions with Heather are solid. Her care comes through like sun rays. Gentle and effective techniques. Never heard of IMT before, but very glad I found it. Most recent session my hips, back and neck were out of kilter from work and outdoor activities and I was in noticeable pain. Felt immediate relief after the session and the progress is holding! If this were not enough, my day has is consistently made better off with each visit just being in her presence.”

-Mark, 45


"I went to Heather after going through months of inflammation, weakness, and imbalance due to a flare up of Multiple Sclerosis. The session with Heather was very powerful. I could feel energy moving intensely throughout my body during the session and though I've had bodywork many times before, I was stunned by how effective her work was, and how immediate. When leaving the building I could feel energy shooting up from both my feet. I called my husband when I got to my car just to tell him how good I was feeling and to describe it. In the days following I've been experiencing the inflammation sort of flush out of me. I feel more like myself again, and I'm energized by this! I highly recommend Heather for any kind of condition. Thank you Heather! I look forward to more sessions with you."

- Kristin, 35


"Heather is thoughtful, kind, and has keen intuition for where to focus her energies. I felt improvement after my first visit."

- Phillip, 45


"I’m able to play golf again!

I get regular sessions and have seen great results. Heather helps me with lower back and hip issues, as well as shoulder impingement.

Sessions are super relaxing and her nurturing nature is soothing. IMT helps keep my body moving.

I suggest IMT for anyone with a nagging injury that hasn’t been resolved otherwise.

My first experience with IMT was centered around my big toe that was jammed for years. Figured I’d just have to live with it. It wouldn’t bend and it hurt during different exercises. After one treatment, Heather had it flowing with energy (it literally felt like it was shooting flames out of it). The next day, I was doing yoga and I felt my toe joint release! I was immediately able to fully bend in my toe and the pain was gone. This was after multiple people failed trying to ‘pop’ my toe and a couple of painful acupuncture sessions with no results. It’s been over a year now and my toe still has full range. Anytime I feel the energy getting stuck, Heather’s healing touch frees it."

- Brant, 44


“I was uncomfortable for a while with a kind of knotted feeling in my back. After seeing Heather for an initial IMT session, I felt different right away where that feeling felt more spread out rather than concentrated in a single spot and, by the next morning, it was almost nonexistent!”

-N.H., 22


"Heather has a grounded and invigorating presence that is reflected in her work. My session left me feeling great and the rest of the day was delightfully energized. I highly recommend scheduling an introductory visit with her."

- Benjamin, 47


"I am a personal trainer with 2 small children and in good shape to engage in any physical activity. However, after having children, something shifted/moved in my pelvis that was causing me sharp pain in my pelvis area when I went to pick up certain things or hike with my daughter in a pack or even performing lunges in the gym. Chiro's and therapists couldn't help me so I kept searching. I found Heather, and when I experienced my first IMT session with her, during the session, I felt something move in my pelvis! I was very surprised with just a gentle touch! I hoped that movement or pop was a good thing. I had a good night's sleep that night and the next day I was out hiking with my 1 1/2 year old daughter in my child carrier pack and I had no pain! That pain has never come back and it's been 2 1/2 years. I'm so thankful to get back to doing the things I enjoy with no pain! Thank you so much Heather! I recommend her to friends and people I meet who are in pain"

- Kardena, 40


"The amount of relaxation I experienced after my session was longer lasting and deeper than getting a massage. I feel more flexible and have less pain in my joints. Thank you Heather!"

- Carrie, 31


"Heather's work is effective, intuitive and unique! Highly recommend ."

- Sean, 30


"Heather is amazing at getting your body to relax and heal long held patterns. I have had great relief from my sessions with Heather with absolutely no pain or struggle! She is truly gifted at what she does and I highly recommend trying just one session, you will be very happy you did."

- Ingrid, 35


"Carpal tunnel is no match for the healing hands! Can’t wait for my next visit!"

- Kelly, 49


“Highly intuitive healer! Her light touch and gentle movements are very relaxing and unusually effective. She helped me see how I push myself too hard, even when "going with the flow" and made suggestions on how I might practice more "yin" energy flow. I can see her work helping people with chronic pain, workaholism, people struggling with body awareness, and anyone looking for light, compassionate, healing touch.”

Gary, 42


"Heather is amazing at what she does! This body work is incredibly effective at relieving pain and bringing balance to the body and mind. She and her healing hands will be greatly missed in the Colorado Springs area.

If you suffer from chronic pain, I highly suggest you give Heather a call."

- Sonja, 34


"I have had lower back issues on and off for many years. I've been to chiropractors many times, but have troubles relaxing enough them to align anything without using excessive force. I was somewhat skeptical, however, the slow gentle techniques that Heather uses made my back feel much better and left my entire body feeling very relaxed."

- Dennis, 54


"About a year ago I was having some pain in my feet from playing too much volleyball, I tried pain killers and ice but nothing seemed to help. I decided to give IMT a try and was surprised how effective it was. Always thought no pain no gain, but not in this case! Give it a try!"

- Chad, 42


"I was fortunate to stumble onto IMT. For years I have struggled with back and neck pain form college sports and my service in the military. I’ve found IMT to offer the benefits of a professional deep tissue massage, but with only the slightest touch.  Further, the results last longer. I would leave the session relaxed, slightly tired, and yet within a few minutes, completely refreshed. My pains were negligible or gone.  

Heather is gifted. Plus, she connects with her clients in a holistic way. She is a joy to be around."

- Anthony, 46


"I've had my right shoulder dislocated several times now, and I'm pretty familiar with the whole process. I was in the healing stages when I went to see Heather, just to get an idea of what else I could be doing to help it along. I'm very physically active, and every day I can't use my shoulder is a day I'm not at/on the gym/court/field.

After seeing Heather, I felt great. My upper body felt lose and supple, and she showed me some stretches I could do at home to keep my shoulder warm. I was lifting again 2 days later! Thanks Heather!"

- Tino, 28


“This treatment has been my best discovery since moving to Boulder. I saw Heather shortly after moving from NY to CO. I was having chest pain (diagnosed as costochondritis) and needed some help adjusting to a different environment. The treatment is holistic, calming, and grounding. Heather has an incredible ability to notice things about you, in your body and in your state of being. My chest pain was virtually gone after the first session, and it hasn't come back. I also feel much more calm since beginning to work with her. Highly recommend!”

Sarah, 27


“Heather is phenomenal! I felt so light and relaxed after just the first session. I really appreciate her unique approach to body work and its been helping me so much with my old shoulder injury from rugby. If you're looking for a relaxing experience and overall better health you should go see Heather!”

Sarah, 29


“I did a session with Heather in her comfortable home office and enjoyed the way she works. I felt that she was listening to me through my body and I relaxed to the point of spaciness. I enjoyed being able to drift in a creative state while she worked. When the session was over, I felt lighter and clearer. Thanks Heather!!”

Ethan, 33


“Heather is a joy to receive bodywork from. Her touch is mindful and gentle, and the work is subtle and relaxing. 5-Stars from me.”

 Dylan -36


“Heather listens to the body really well. She doesn't come in with an agenda of her own and simply holds a space for healing what is ready to come up and release. I found her work to be both gentle and powerful. In the very first session, I was able to go in deeply because of the safety and comfort I felt in her presence. Our bodies and energy systems are sensitive and often very responsive when a skilled practitioner comes in and is able to utilize their gifts to support and guide our bodies towards healing. Heather is this type of individual and I would definitely recommend her services.“

Feather -35

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